Doodle Journal

For over three years now I have kept a Doodle Journal.
It has been one of the best practices I have up-kept and has helped me develop my illustrative skills as well as being a great vent for ideas and concepts that pop into my head.

Most of my Doodle Journal entries can be found on my instragram account alongside my photoshop work.

This weeks entries have tackled the forks in the overwhelming routes through freelance, some concept art for larger illustrations and a cartoon competition with G&G Armament which I may have missed the deadline for. My cartoon characters certainly look like they've strolled in late.

The recent craze of Inktober is back once again and I think I may join in this year on a weekly basis. I do a lot of graphite work and digital inking but not that space in between. It would be an excellent exercise in further understanding bold shading.