Situation Report: 10:00hrs - 27.4.16

2300hrs 26.4.16: TTHQ scout intelligence reports Forgotten movement in Northern swamps.
0300hrs 27.4.16: Small Recce team arrive at the cross-borders of Tidelands-Trifectra-SoA and confirm Forgotten movements. A ritual has begun to raise a Forgotten teddy to the rank of Phobus. The physical manifestation of a Phobia. This is a fear tactic to incapacitate Teddies whose human charge shares that phobia.

Recon team are standing by to confirm Phobia.

Welcome to the Tedlands

A wild and unwelcoming continent in the world of Sublectus. Home to some of the most ruthless and combat hardened teddy bears you're ever likely to meet.

This map outlines the current positions of each Teddy Faction, the wars are soon to begin.
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