Project Phases

So you've got a project in mind and you're thinking of working with Hiwez.
That. Is. Awesome.

I've created this page to give current and potential clients and idea on how I work and what to expect through each stage.

The initial stages include getting in touch. You can email me using the contact form or get in touch with me on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter to start a conversation regarding my current pricing and availability but the chances are if you've landed on this page we're already past that.

After we have discussed the details and agreed on costs and dates the fun stuff begins, we're onto Phase One!


Phase One will be a very VERY rough sketch of the direction for the illustration. Once you receive your phase one sketch or sketches (depending on what has been discussed) you will want to look for a few key things.

  • The Pose
  • The main featured items / gear / clothing
  • The facial expression

Things like clean lines and colour are not represented in this phase but rest assured, if you have seen my previous work then you'll know where we're headed.

Once you give the go ahead on this phase we're onto phase two, don't be afraid to make this leap if you feel like we're 75% of the way there. Things can still be amended at any of the three stages and the quoted cost will allow for two minor changes and one major change.

The equivalent of a limb poses or prop change.

Whole body pose change, complete re-do on clothing or gear


Phase Two is onto clean line art and shading.

I also use a grey base colour at this stage because I find white too flat. Giving it a solid colour lifts it from the background and helps give the whole illustration better substance at this point. It is not a representation of the colours that will be included in the third and final phase.

At this point have a good look around at the illustration. Study the clothing, props and features of the illustration. The third and final phase of colour will bring it to life but the elements will essentially remain as they are. Once I have the green light on this phase is onto the final stage!



Once you receive your phase three illustration it's time to approve the final piece. Look at any specific colours. If the camouflage you've chosen is wrong and it covers most of the illustration then it will be a minor change to make it any other camouflage, flat colour or mix of colours. With colour it's only a minor change to switch things up.

As a freeby asset for character illustrations I always put together a fun moody lighting social asset after the piece has been signed off at this stage.


You can expect to receive:

A high resolution PNG of the illustration. This asset is great for sending to any manufacturers to produce things like tshirts, mugs, stickers, posters and so on.

A lower resolution PNG of the illustration. This is great for superimposing onto assets you create for promotional material, any movie-based needs or as a watermark so you don't have to spend too long scaling it down after dropping it in and it will keep your file sizes small.

A low resolution (but still great quality for screens) social asset which is often perfect for unveiling the project on social media and using as profile images.

And in addition, unless it has been agreed otherwise, you have the IP rights to use your illustration however you would like for reproduction, sale and promotion. It's your illustration.

That is a wrap for the project and I hope you'll have enjoyed the experience enough to consider my services for future projects and recommend me to people you know are looking for an illustration too.


To finish up, a few pointers on payment and refunds.


I accept bank transfers and PayPal. This will be agreed in the early phase when we are discussing cost and project start dates.

I am not able to start work without a minimum of 50% of the agreed total. However I will always give the option to pay in full. This allows for a smoother project end. Once the illustration is completed and you've agreed on the final version I can send the files directly to you immediately without any delays made by awaiting final payment and any assets you receive will not be watermarked.


Refunds will be available up until the agreed start date for the project.

Once this date passes the project is locked in; affecting agreed availability and start dates with other projects, so refunds past this point affect schedules negatively making it impossible for me to justify refunds.

When you are committing to the project financially please be positive it is in your budget and you are confident to do so.

That is all! I very much look forward to working with you.

Hiwez, out!