For use with Tactical Teddies: Tedland Wars collectable cards.
If you don't have any you can still get involved with this fight so keep reading!logo

Select a team below to add one point to their total.

Situation Report:

Phobus… One of the highest ranks the Nightmare has bestowed on its hive members. A dark gift.
The physical manifestation of a phobia. Affecting Tactical Teddies on an emotional level.
If a human charge has a phobia, the teddy has the phobia. A teddy can’t fight if they're’re paralysed with fear.
Luckily the rank of Phobus is not a level playing field, some Phobias are lesser known and thus affect less teddies. That’s lucky for us.
Trypophobia is a low level phobia, we should be able to knock this matted-fur monstrosity out of the park before it wonders into Tidelands with it’s hordes and takes the checkpoint we’ve been fighting for months to keep active. It’s the perfect position to keep an eye on Hunter and Forgotten activity and the intel has been invaluable. So we’re not ready to just leave it to the wolves.
Gear up, we’re heading out within the hour.


Phobus Trypo for psot

whos sideYou can get involved with the boss fight in a few ways!

1. Take a photo of ONE of your official Tedland Wars TTHQ or Templar Teddies with up to TWO weapon cards and ONE consumable.
2. Post the photo on Instagram using the Hashtag #tedlandwarsone

FIGHTING WITH THE PHOBUS (Forgotten and Hunter)
(Hunters would be using this boss fight as a distraction to set upon Templars and TTHQ for salvage, but never the less will be assisting the Forgotten in doing so)
Take a Photo of ONE of your official Tedland Wars Hunter or Forgotten Teddies.
2. Post the photo on Instagram using the Hashtag #tedlandwarsone to contribute two points to the Phobus' Aggression score.

All contributions will be taken into account and the TTHQ/TEMPLAR collective Aggression score must be higher than the Phobus' plus all Forgotten/Hunter contributions as detailed above.

Results will be posted on 17th June with an After Action Report.