Swift Spirit

Since the community came together on the night of 12 May 2017 and made this Forgotten Tactical Teddy I thought it was only right to give it to the community.

Here you will find files of Swift Spirit available for free download.
Just right click and save as or if you're on a phone hold the image down with your thumb until you get the option to save it.

You can use these files as your avatar, put it on your tshirt, print a giant poster, however you please for personal use.
Though I need to mention the boring stuff here, I retain the "First artists copyright" and please don't start selling tshirts and patches with the artwork without my consent" bla bla bla.

It was great fun creating Swift Spirit with you all and I hope we can do something similar very soon.

If you'd like your own Tactical Teddy made using the Operation TedMod formula then head to the OpTedMod post here on this site and email me with the codes to build you teddy!

Until next time, stay furry!
Hiwez out!