iconiq studios 

Game Developer Application

Hello to all at Iconiq Studios!

My name is Chris Coltburn, it’s my pleasure to be presenting my keen interesting in the Game Developer role at Iconiq Studios.

My connection to the realm of card and board based tabletop games runs very deep, from investing time in developing personal ideas to play testing other creators ideas at Expos and local Tabletop Cafe developer sessions.

Alongside a modest raft of games either in development or already enjoying a player base, my background in Graphic Design and Illustration gives me a unique line of visual communication to pitch, demonstrate and develop games with team members and design services required throughout the creation process.

I hope you can consider my application and I look forward to the opportunity to chat with you in more detail about the role.

Sketch book scamps, concepts and component ideas
visually developed games and ideas
For more examples of projects you can take a look at my standard portfolio

For a greater understanding of my involvement and competence in game development I would relish the chance to have a conversation.

Email: hello@hiwez.com
Phone: 07955414987

Thank you for your time!