Working with hiwez

What to expect throughout a project together.

Tip 1: Consider your brief.

Know what you’re asking for. Whether it is a strong description of art or something more open to creative guidance from the artists side, it’s good to start off knowing the limitation or flexibility of what is required.

Tip 2: Know your budget.

Every artist values their time differently and their pricing is often based on a number of factors. I don’t promote haggling but if my project quote is not possible then we can discuss what might be achievable within the desired budget.

Phase One: Sketch

This phase is going to show a rough approximation of major elements of the artwork. The lines will be rough but the pose, gear and props will be a close representation of the final product.

When signing off this phase make sure:

  • The pose is correct. It cannot be changed after this phase.
  • The gear and props are presented and visible as you would like.

Phase Two: Line Art

With the lines cleaned up you will now see a much cleaner version of the artwork coming to life.

This phase is a perfect opportunity to double check the attire and props are represented to your liking and you can still add or remove elements if you would like some more details included.

When signing off this phase make sure:

  • The attire and props are represented as you’d like them.
  • Any last thoughts on colour are agreed.

Phase Three: Full Colour

The final phase of the project. Full colour and lighting will really bring the artwork to life.

Once this phase is signed off the project is considered completed and you will receive the following file types:

  • The Original PSD
  • A PNG of the full art. Ideal for stickers, textiles and other merch.
  • JPG of the full art. Ideal for online use.
  • Any other files types requested at the start of the project.

Things to consider for a smooth project:

Check with your suppliers

If you are making merchandise with the artwork please check ahead of time with any vendors you will be working with to ensure a PSD or PNG file type can be used. Some vendors will demand a Vector format depending on what is being created so it’s good to be fully informed at the start of the project.

File Types

Character art is all created using either Procreate or Photoshop. So I can supply file types like PSD, JPG, PNG and a Photoshop PDF. If you need any other filetypes just let me know at the start of the project.

Pixel Vs Vector

Because my work is created on Photoshop primarily, the file format is not a Vector format. If you require vectors I can create a vector version at the end of the project for a small fee as it requires attention and clean-up. Fee depends on project size.


If you have any specific colours you need to have included in the art such as corporate identity or brand guideline colours, please have the hex codes or pantones ready as part of the initial project briefing.

Intellectual property

My rule around intellectual property is steadfast but not all-knowing. If you are not sure if any particular element of your concept breaches intellectual property laws please let me know and we can see what we can find out.

Keep your art safe

Once a project is completed I will archive the project safely in a couple of places I store completed projects. However this does not mean it is beyond being lost through unfortunate means like a technical issue. Please store and back up your art as though it is the only copy.

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