Hello there. My name is Chris Coltburn and this is my portolfio.

Below you will find the pages of my portfolio divided into projects I believe shows some of my best work.

Personal project

A 2 to 8 player race to become the most infamous teddy bear family on the East Coast of the Tedlands.

This is not a game pitch but I thought a quick flavour of the game-play would aid the artwork for the fullest picture of the project.

Tactical Teddies: FRAY has been play-tested by over a hundred players and it’s something I am very excited to release in the coming year.

CAMERAHEAD: Graphic Novel
Client project

Over the last couple of years I have had the pleasure of being a comic artist for a world building project for a client in America.

The world of Camera Head is an autobiographical window into the authors life in the military leading into a career in photography and as I write this he is celebrating the release of his first major publication, featuring a large portion of commissions I greatly enjoyed producing.

PERSONAL project

An Online/P&P hybrid single player role playing game I have been working on for the last six months.

Players can enjoy a free-roam narrative experience with all the adventurous trimmings such as combat, foraging, tracking, looting and seasonal events.

All coupled with bright and plentiful artwork along the way.

Supporting images can online do so much.

You've got to experience it to understand.
COMMISSIONS: Character Art
commissioned character art
client projects

A service I provide regularly to a broadly ranged clientele. From individuals with an idea, to small businesses looking to create a mascot, all the way to large companies producing a merchandise series, I have enjoyed creating colourful characters for all kinds of projects.

Many of my clients create patches, pins, stickers and other merchandise with my artwork and they have been pleasantly surprised when I supply a version of their art that will translate well to PVC or metal alongside the full colour artwork.

It has been a point of pride for me to adapt my workflow to accommodate helpful results beyond just a piece of artwork at the end of a project.

STARSEEKERS: Behavioural Reward Game
PERSONAL project

When my daughter came of age to begin potty training I became quickly unsatisfied with accumulating stars simply for a job well done.

Endeavouring instead to game-ify behavioural motivation as well as teaching passive lessons on handy life skills such as plotting routes, saving “money” and learning some basic mathematics.

Star Seekers was born and my daughter loves it.

thank you for taking the time to have a look over my portfolio.

If you’d like to get in touch about any projects you might feel I am suited for then tap the button below and I’ll look forward to talking with you.

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